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15 memories anyone who studied CSPE for the Junior Cert will recognise


1. Since the dawn of time, CSPE was the Junior Cert subject that had the handiest reputation


2. The fact that there was no Honours or Pass levels meant you were all in it together

0c8pk6M Imgur Imgur

Common Level liiikkke yooooou.

3. And the exam seemed to consist of more drawing than actual writing – thanks to the CSPE poster

globalwarm @jackskepticeye @jackskepticeye

It may as well have been CSP-ART.

4. Which has gained iconic status in Irish eductation

5. Because you felt like a true artist when you finished your masterpiece

Remembering to colour inside the lines.

6. And perhaps the greatest CSPE disaster that could unfold was forgetting your colours

7. There was always one student who just absolutely winged it and threw in some gag answers

Full marks for arm-chancing. (CSPE exam) Imgur Imgur

8. While others just bailed out of the hall after about 20 minutes Favim Favim

The time got increasingly less as the years went on for purposes of bravado.

“I left CSPE after seven minutes!”

9. You hoped and prayed that you recognised the politicians that came up on the first page


Ah, Ban Ki-Moon.

10. You could solve all the world’s problems with a short essay on a divisive topic in politics

“Get this exam booklet to the Taoiseach immediately.”

11. The CSPE trip to the Dáil or some local army barracks was one of the highlights of the year

Dáil Éireann justinpickard justinpickard


12. Until you needed to fill out your Action Project booklet and suddenly all those outings got real

giphy Giphy Giphy

13. There was always wild speculation about what the letters CSPE actually stood for – even though you’d all been told a million times

exam Folens Folens

“Civic… Social… Protection of the… Environment?”

14. Compared to other exams though, the whole CSPE experience was just so pleasant

So it has a reputation now as:

15. CSPE: the best thing that ever happened to the Junior Cert


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