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Would you use Cuddlr? It's like Tinder, but just for cuddles

Hear us out.

WE’VE ALL BEEN there. Hungover on the couch of a Sunday, wanting to latch on to the next person who walks into the room and cuddle them until you feel human again.


Sure, you can hook up at the swipe of an app these days, but sometimes all you want is a nice PG cuddle.

For those of you who aren’t into purchasing this…

Hug-Me-Pillow Source: Spot-report

Cuddlr is the app for you.

It’s like Tinder, but for hugs only. The location-based service puts you in contact with like-minded cuddlers in your area to accommodate you both arranging some super cuddley cuddle times.

What’s more, there is a cuddle rating and spooning position preference listed so you’ll never be left with a crap cuddle.


The premise is simple. If you like the look of a cuddler, all you have to do is tap their photo and you will be directed toward them for some “closeness without pressure”.

Source: Charlie Williams/Vimeo

You can’t chat to them because it might deter you from meeting, say the developers, who encourage users to report ‘inappropriate or awkward’ cuddlers.

The app is only available on iOS now, Android is coming soon. You lucky divils.

Would you use a Cuddlr for a hug?

Poll Results:

* Runs off into the distance laughing* (398)
No (165)
Yes (158)

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