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11 excellent examples of customer service done right

This is how it’s done.

CUSTOMER SERVICE – WE often complain about it or the lack thereof.

But sometimes? Sometimes companies get it right.

For instance…

1. When Domino’s obliged this Directioner’s request to draw her a picture of Zayn

CCFgvxbUIAI01uN Source: ilona loves ashton/Twitter

CCFgvxcUMAAzk9d Source: ilona loves ashton/Twitter


2. When this Netflix employee actually responded to a query about Friends

LMNwL9F Source: Imgur

3. Tesco’s beautiful response to a guy who found a stray shell in this bag of pasta



4. This very patient response from a music shop


“We feel confident our organisation is not, as you claim, a proxy vessel to the dark world below.”

5. When Amazon sent a cardboard box for this cat to play in <3

Look at her go!

6. When Tesco apologised to this student for not stocking her favourite popcorn and wrote her a poem

WRqomAw (1) Source: Imgur

Tesco, you old romantic.

7. This award-worthy letter from Bic apologising for a pen that only draws penises

VQoAKTf Source: Imgur

8. All hail Crayola!

crayola Source: Imgur

crayola2 Source: Imgur

9. Argos going to great lengths to assure this guy the PS4 would be in his local branch in due course

This guy appreciated it anyway.

10. When Sainsbury’s renamed their tiger bread after this three-year-old girl raised her concerns

SONY DSC Source: Jam and Giraffes

sainsbury Source: Sainsbury's


(Read more about the saga here.)

11. And finally, this extraordinary act of generosity from Virgin

And lo and behold…


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