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The greatest example of Dad dancing ever has been discovered at this festival

All hail the patron saint of Dad dancing.

WE ALL KNOW what Dad dancing is at this stage – it’s a staple of all Irish weddings and social events the country over:


Now, we might very well have seen the definitive piece of dad dancing – and it took place at a UK festival over the weekend. The Vamps were playing at Thorpe Park, and a hero was caught on camera giving it socks.

He had the spin move down

dad2 Source: Youtube

And smoothly moved into the robot with ease

dad3 Source: Youtube

And the half moonwalk slide thing was no problem to him either

dad5 Source: Youtube

The video has started gaining attention online today once it was tweeted out by UK TV presenter Jamie East. The combination of his enthusiasm and Dad dance moves are just perfect:

Source: Andy Morris/YouTube

Boss level: unlocked

The reaction online has been one of envy

And appreciation of the best Dad dancing in the history of festivals

He missed a couple of standard Dad moves, but still nailed it


This recognition is for all the Dad dancers out there, you know who you are – and you’ve got yourself a new patron saint.

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