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Here's how dad hats became one of the hottest trends in fashion

Be the dad you want the world to see.

dadhats Source: Instagram

2015 MIGHT HAVE been the year of the dad bod, and 2016 seems to be heading in a similar auld lad-themed direction.

Introducing the dad hat.

Basically, it’s an old cap with a bit of a peak on it – much like your dad might wear, say, cutting the grass

Or when it’s swelterin’ out

Even fashion heavy hitters like Elle see them as the next big thing in hat trends

dadhats2 Source: Elle

They give a brief definition too:

A dad hat is a baseball cap that’s canvas or cotton and has a slightly curved brim (not too curved, though) and  is probably a little oversized on the wearer. Unless, of course, you’re actually a dad—then it probably fits you perfectly.

It might not be the fanciest of headwear

But 2016 is all about the dad hat

First picked up on by US website The Shade Room, dad hats are for everyone apparently

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TSR Intern: Talia O. @theclosetratchet on Instagram & @tallyohhh on Twitter! Hey, Roommates! I have to admit, usually, when we present fashion trends to y'all, they're geared more towards the female-identifying anatomy. However the #DadHats trend is for everyone. Yes, #DadHats have been around forever...just like every other style...but now it's become the trend for the young & fresh. It's official...over fitted hats, trucker hats, etc the #DadHat is killin. Your favorite celebs are sporting these hats and it was one of the biggest trends last year. Going into 2016 it will be an even bigger trend! ---------------------------------------------------- If you're opting for the more expressive look, peep Chris Brown rocking the "Heartbreak" hat. Perhaps, he got it after Karrueche gave him the -- Read More At TheShadeRoom.com (Link In Bio)

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This is the beginning of dad fashion taking over the world, surely

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