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Well, that's one way of keeping boys away from your daughter

Her face says it all.

WHILE MOST DADS are protective of their young daughters as they being to grow up, this dad just took it to the next level.

She looks delighted as she wears a photo of her dad on her tshirt, warning potential suitors to keep clear.

SGbTsPQ Source: BojanM79 via Reddit

Aussie Kit Dale posted the photo to Reddit, captioning it ‘Dad security’, and it has since been viewed over two million times. Dale is a two-time world pro Brazliain Jiu-Jitsu champ, so his warning isn’t unfounded.

The photo divided opinion, with many Redditors pointing out that it could backfire.

What he’s succeeded in doing is ensuring that his daughter takes her shirt off the moment he isn’t around.
Here’s the shirt her first boyfriend will get her.

cTyCUOm Source: Imgur

Or the obvious…

Plot twist: she’s a lesbian.

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