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# Dadrenaline
11 times Dads spectacularly saved the day
Heroes. Heroes all.

SOME SAY THAT Dads have magical powers to realise danger and put a stop to it.

Usually you’d have to question such talk, but these examples might prove those powers to be so real:

1. This sixth sense

gifdad1 gifyoutube gifyoutube

2. This brilliant save

F3KjyNi Imgur Imgur

3. We know that birthday cake needs a safe pair of hands


That would have been a disaster of epic proportions.

4. Beautiful reflexes on show

dad21 Imgur Imgur

5. He could sense this from a long way off

dad4 Youtube Youtube

6. How did he know?

edDyclK Imgur Imgur

7. The instincts are strong in this one

dad8 gyfcat gyfcat

8. So casual in the face of danger

dad7 Gyfcat Gyfcat

9. Mid-air technique needs to be on point

sFl9ga8 Imgur Imgur

10. Just in time

UxaoyHM Imgur Imgur

11. He’s not even looking here, but still pulls it off

dad6 Youtube Youtube

We salute you Dads. One and all.

Hat-tip to the subreddit Dad Reflexes for the inspiration for this. 

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