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Daft rental in Shankill offers a room AND 'healing technology'


HERE’S A NICE-looking house in Shankill, near Bray.

Source: daft.ie

There’s a double room going for as little as “€250-€370″. Pretty cheap in these times.

But that’s not all. There’s a caveat.

Please don’t apply if you interested only in getting a cheap place. It’s more than that and it will need some commitments from you, so we pretty sure it will not suite you if your only interest is to save or earn money at this stage of life. Peace :)

So what are the commitments? Well, there’s no alcohol, tobacco, drugs or junk food. Fair enough. There’s also a non-violence commitment. And “projects to improve ourselves at multiple levels”.

But here’s the most interesting bit:

Especially would suite for those who have some faith, that they can dramatically improve from chronical ilness. We might like to demonstrate you Mucusless Healing Technology. Donations welcome, based on results :)


We-ell… maybe we wanted something a bit closer to the city anyway.

(By the way: mucusless healing is the brainchild of Arnold Ehret, a turn-of-the-century German health educator who believed ‘mucusless’ foods and colonic irrigation were the key to health. So now you know.)

Spotted by Redditor Whatawaytobe

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