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The Daily Mail tried to say Kate Winslet looked 'unrecognisable' but nobody is buying it

Slow news day?

CH0C1-fWgAAs7P- Source: hrtbs/Twitter

YOU PROBABLY REMEMBER last year when Renée Zellweger was photographed at an event looking a little different to the last time we saw her and the world’s media openly speculated about whether she had undergone plastic surgery.

The whole thing caused a bit of a kerfuffle and Zellweger firmly denied going under the knife.

In February, The Daily Mail tried to make it happen all over again with Uma Thurman…


Unfortunately, it failed to really cause a stir.

But God loves a trier and now, they are trying to suggest that Kate Winslet looks a little different and asking readers if they would be able to recognise her.

Only problem? She literally looks the exact same.

*rubs eyes*

Kate, is that you?

The paper described Winslet as “smoother, slimmer and so scarily glam” and wrote that her appearance prompted “experts” to wonder if she had botox.

faceit Source: Daily Mail

“Scarily glam.”

Just to recap: here is Kate Winslet in 2013.

Film Kate Winslet Source: AP/Press Association Images

And here is Kate Winslet in 2015.

NY Premiere Of A Little Chaos Source: AP/Press Association Images

Did you recognise her?

If you said yes, you are a liar, because she is UNRECOGNISABLE.

We jest, of course, but at least it looks nobody else is buying it.

In fact, everyone is in agreement that the only visible difference is that she is smiling in one photo and not the other.

*slow clap for Daily Mail*

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