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a nation divided

Damo and Ivor's return was so popular in Ireland, it trended on Twitter worldwide

People REALLY like Damo and Ivor.

DAMO AND IVOR returned to Irish screens last night with the first episode of a new series.

So, did people enjoy it?

Well, there was a split. Some people hated the show, which has been accused of perpetuating “lazy stereotypes”.

But the vast majority of people LOVED it. Were delighted with it.

They tweeted a LOT about how much they loved it.

So much so, in fact, that Damo and Ivor trended on Twitter worldwide. Like, around the whole world.

It’s still trending across Ireland this morning. Here’s a clip of last night’s episode:

RTÉ Republic of Comedy / YouTube

It ended with a tribute to Rik Mayall, who played Ivor’s father in the first series.

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