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Here's why you're seeing this Dancing Hot Dog everywhere

Snapchat’s done it again

WHAT DID WE do before Snapchat filters?

It’s amazing to think that there was a time when people actually went out without a selfie donning dog ears and noses respectively.

As Instagram continues to wage war against Snapchat, it’s clear that they are pulling out all the stops keep users happy.

On that note, meet the Dancing Hot Dog.


There he is now.

Currently, Dancing Hot Dog is enjoying Ed Sheeran-levels of popularity as one of Snapchat’s newest front-facing filters (or ‘lens’ if you want to be fancy about it).

His new-found fame has meant he’s established himself as the Meme Of The Month™️ for July.

This video is what’s believed to have kicked the whole thing off …

Click here if you can’t see the video.

RIP to our fallen soldier.

People love him


In a short space of time, Dancing Hot Dog has established himself as the King Of Hot Dogs.

I mean, he has it all. He dances, and has ketchup AND mustard. If this were Love Island, he’d be my type on paper, 100%.

So wholesome.

How to get your own Dancing Hot Dog

To add the Dancing Hot Dog to your snap, make sure your camera is facing outwards, then tap on the screen once for Snapchat to detect a surface.

Swipe right to see a Hot Dog lens and select it. Tap again on your screen to place the Hot Dog on your screen.

Press and hold the Hot Dog to move it around. When you are happy with its location, take a photo or a video.

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