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Mark Hamill leads tributes to Darth Vader actor Dave Prowse following death
David Prowse, the British actor who played Darth Vader in the original Star Wars trilogy, has died aged 85.
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Darth Vader and the Death Star are back - what to expect from the new Star Wars
In a galaxy (not) far, far away – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has arrived. Watch the trailer here.
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This little girl just found out who Luke Skywalker's dad is and her reaction is brilliant
You can see the exact moment her mind is blown.
# daddy vader
Here's the plot of Star Wars in six adorable seconds
Luke, I am your.. AWWWWWW.
# watch yourselfie
A man was accused of 'creeping' on kids, but he was just taking a selfie
It was his first selfie. Terrible, terrible luck.
# vote vader
This guy called Darth Vader is running for election, and he's kind of brilliant
Bring him to Ireland immediately.
# episode 7
Irish WWE fighter could be playing Darth Vader in new Star Wars film
Meanwhile there are new pictures from Skellig Michael.
# darth lily
Little Darth meets R2-D2, whole world squees
A new world order in cuteness.
# Invasion
Darth Vader is running for election in Dublin*
*Well, not really.
Ukrainian authorities won't let Darth Vader run for president
Not even the power of The Force could improve the Sith Lord’s chances.
# the empire strikes back
Darth Vader is running for president of Ukraine...
…or at least an unnamed protester dressed up as him.
# Use the Force
Star Wars themed baseball uniforms appear to be the next big thing
The force is strong in these minor league teams.
# The Empire Strikes Pat
PICS: Pat Rabbitte has got a lightsaber and he's not afraid to use it
The force is strong with this one…
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11 old Irish ads which prove things were better back in the day
Wow, these are good.
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Video: 8 famous quotes that never were, and the videos that prove it
Quotes can be wonderful things, when in the right hands…
Fancy getting Leia-ed? Star Wars couples should visit Dublin...
May the “fourth” (of May) be with you. Star Wars convention opens today – and will give its unofficial blessing to couples.
# oh canada
Dick Cheney cancels trip to Canada because it's too dangerous
The former vice president of the United States said that the risk of violent protest during his visit was too high.
# Swordsman
Olympic fencer and light sabre battler Bob Anderson passes away, aged 89
The British Academy of Fencing has announced the death of a man who donned Darth Vader’s helmet in two of the original Star Wars films.
# Crazy Coins
New (legal) 'Star Wars' currency...and 5 other unusual coins
Queen Elizabeth II will be joined by Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker on the legal tender of a Pacific island nation. Will these be the weirdest coins in the world?
# What the...
Darth Vader robs a New York bank
Sadly, his getaway wasn’t an Imperial March.