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Ukrainian authorities won't let Darth Vader run for president

Not even the power of The Force could improve the Sith Lord’s chances.

Image: YouTube

THE FORCE IS clearly not that strong with the leader of the Internet Party of Ukraine.

The man who calls himself Darth Vader has been refused candidacy in the country’s upcoming presidential elections.

The so-called Sith Lord announced his plans to run for election to the party’s congress just last week.

LB.ua says that the man behind the mask is actually an electrician called Viktor Shevchenko.

As a registered political party, the UIP is actually allowed to field candidates for the race: ‘Vader’ told the party’s congress than he planned to turn Ukraine into a “galactic empire”.

Source: ipuvideo/YouTube

News of the curious candidate’s plans spread like wildfire through social media but now the BBC reports that his hopes have been dashed by authorities.

The Central Electoral Commission refused to put his name on the ballot, claiming that his application was questionable and alleging that much of the paperwork he had submitted was probably forged.

Ukraine’s Zn.ua reports that there was some concern that the campaign itself aimed to discredit the upcoming election.

Vader isn’t the only amusing name that’s come up during the registration process though: The Wire reports that the Willy Wonka of Ukraine is also in the running.

Petro Poroshenko heads up Roshen, Ukraine’s leading sweets brand, and has the backing of democratic party leader Vitala Klitschko.

Looks like Darth Vader will need more than a new hope to see him through this one.

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