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There's an app that can reunite you with that mysterious shift in Coppers

Once again, technology helps us with the important things in life.

THEY SAY THAT there is an app for everything now, and a new Irish application set for release is proving that to be true.

Whatifi will check users in each pub and club that you visit over the course of a night and let you know the next day who was there – giving you a timeline of the night before, which might be helpful for those who are struggling with the specifics of the latter part of the evening.

whe Source: Ken Fitzgerald

Say, the night is getting late and you start having the absolute craic with someone in the bar. You didn’t get their number and you can’t remember their name. Sound familiar?

Well, this should be just the app for you.

CEO and founder Ken Fitzgerald says that the app was inspired by a scene from the George Clooney* movie ‘Out of Sight’.

George-Clooney-What Source: Technologytell

*George Clooney will not be featuring on the app.

Users can set their privacy settings to suit themselves, so their information isn’t shared unless they want it to be.

set Source: Ken Fitzgerald


We await its release with baited breath.

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