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Mystery Solved

What is the deal with that hurling statue in Making A Murderer? We have answers

Is Dean Strang a closet hurling fan?

UNLESS YOU’VE BEEN in hibernation since Christmas, chances are you have seen people on your timeline obsessing over Making A Murderer.

Among other things, the series has raised questions over Steven Avery’s conviction and inspired countless conspiracy theories.

But one question in particular has been plaguing Irish viewers: is that a hurling statue in attorney Dean Strang’s office?

The statue can be seen briefly in episode 5 of the series.


Could it be that Dean Strang is a closet hurling fan? Is he the Henry Shefflin of Wisconsin?

Or it is, as some have suggested, a lacrosse trophy?

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Eager to get to the bottom of this mystery, we at reached out to Dean Strang over the weekend to find out.

Strang confirmed to that it is indeed a hurling statue and that he received it as a gift some years ago.

It is a hurling statue, not a trophy. I have a dear friend, a wonderful criminal defense lawyer in Milwaukee who is a first-generation Irish American from the south side of Chicago.  He gave it to me some years ago as a gift.  I treasure it, as I do his friendship.

So there you have it.

Now who’s going to get Dean Strang a ticket for the All-Ireland final, huh?

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