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Death threats after dad freaks out over ‘internet haters’

11-year-old YouTube star previously told people who didn’t like her to “get AIDS and die”.

Image: YouTube

AN 11-YEAR-OLD girl has been placed under police protection in the US after a video of her dad freaking out at “a bunch of lying, no-good punks” sparked an onslought of death threats against her. Jessi Slaughter, 11, from Florida had been getting some nasty reactions to her videos on YouTube.

So, her Dad thought he’d respond in kind and support his daughter by posting his threats online:

The video went viral, with well over one million hits. Then, Jessi’s real name, address and phone number went viral, courtesy of 4chan.org. Responding to the threats, police moved her to a safe house, but have allowed her to return home under their protection. She’s been banned by court order from using the internet.

Jessi had recently posted her own reaction to the “hater bitches” out there, saying they disliked her because “I’m perfect, and you’re not.” She advised them to ”get AIDS and die”. Her post prompted a slew of video responses, ranging from parody to downright abusive.

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