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Debra Messing was sent an unsolicited dick pic and absolutely called it out on Twitter

Not cool.

2014 NBCUniversal Press Tour - California Source: AP/Press Association Images

DEBRA MESSING, STAR of beloved classic sitcom Will & Grace and countless other US T V shows and movies loves her social media.

But earlier this week out of the blue some guy sent her a dick pic on Instagram. Obviously offended by this unsolicited advance, Debra took to Twitter immediately to say that this was NOT COOL:

She pixelated it before putting it on Twitter, but the real thing was very unpixelated

And has since been slaying any arguments that people “invite” such unsolicited shots

debra2 Source: Twitter

tumblr_mkv90cn3PZ1qdqllqo1_500 Source: Tumblr

And defending her sharing of the photo in the first place

debra Source: Twitter

And now everyone is talking about it


tumblr_m2ah2kwRZu1qzulz2o1_500 Source: Tumblr

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