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The Debs: Expectation v Reality

The night won’t be all it’s built up to be…

THE DEBS IS an essential moment in every young Irish person’s life. Expectations are always sky high, but they rarely match up.

Expectation: You’ll be sent off like a king, or a queen.


Reality: Your family will be invited over to eat triangle sandwiches, gawk at you, and judge your date.

funny-prom-pic13 Source: Slightlyqualified


Expectation: Speaking of your date, they’ll be the love of your life and you’ll have the best time gazing into each others eyes on the dancefloor.


Reality: Nah. You’ll more than likely panic-ask a friend after a few beers and regret it forever.


Followed by a message the next day to confirm they even remember you asked them. The romance :)

Expectation: The photos will be amazing.


Reality: You’ll squint in the back garden in the rain while being attacked by the dog until your mam finally catches on about how to use the camera.

300x300 Source: Myspacecdn

Expectation: Someone will sort a hummer and we’ll party like celebrities.

pink-in-img021 Source: Dublinlimos

Reality: You’ll forget to book one and pile on to the bus.

maxresdefault Source: Youtube

Expectation: The teachers will be unreal sound and it’ll be havoc.

Reality: They’ll politely eat their chicken supreme and make a hefty exit before things get messy. You’ll regret everything you say to them the rest of your days.

Expectation: It will be a classy affair, supping champagne while dancing in perfect time.

glee-prom-night Source: Vowslove

Reality: You’ll sneak a naggin in under your dress and spend the rest of the night coaxing teachers into having shots.


Expectation: You’ll look fab all night long.


Reality: The shoes will come off after about an hour of dancing and the sweat in that dress will be like none experienced before.

sweaty shirt Source: BlogSpot

Expectation: All of it will be so eventful.

tumblr_inline_nljbw15KyS1s6lw3t Source: Gurl

Reality: You’ll sit around chatting about nothing for at least half the night.

0c9f8cd5115c02f2802d4a2d32975c12_730 Source: Anofiles

Expectation: Something will happen afterwards that will keep the night going for ages and ages.

tumblr_inline_nmq4rjxtDa1rfcgt7_500 Source: Tumblr

Reality: You’ll either fall asleep or go to a bowling alley, while constantly resenting the person who suggested it.

tumblr_mpd3t22xhd1raxepao1_500 Source: Tumblr

Happy Debs!

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