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12 logos that have ruined everyone with a dirty mind


SOMEONE NEEDS TO take a second look over these logo designs.

1. Kudawara Pharmacy

12-logo-fail-kudawara1 Source: Smashinghub

What exactly can you expect to receive when you go in looking for some Strepsils?

2. KidsExchange

KidsExchange is a company in the States that enables families to sell items they no longer need to families who need them.

But their logo… a tragedy.

kids-exchange Source: Creation-pr

3. Junior Jazz

There are two types of people in this world. One will find this logo perfectly innocent, while the other will assume you need to be over 18 to get in.

dance_class_sublim Source: Planetperplex

4. Office of Government Commerce

26783-gpqw8b Source: OGC

They spent about £14,000 on it, but had to scrap it after someone rotated it. Dead.

26783-1cu40ko Source: OGC

5. The Institute of Oriental Studies, University of Santa Catarina

It’s a sun behind a building OK.

oriente Source: manic.com.sg

6. The Computer Doctors

Ah LADS. How did they not see this one?

Eaq86267 Source: Madtown

7. Locum

A Swedish property management company that had one serious fail with this cute logo attempt.

tumblr_inline_nlomapCZkl1tqem84_400 Source: Tumblr

8. The Olympics

The London 2012 logo cost six figures but kinda looks like a messed up swastika. While others thought it looked like a certain cartoon character going down on her brother. Either way, they’re both horrid.

olympiclogoheader Source: Celebitchy

9. Dirty bird

Dirty Bird Fried Chicken, your logo is definitely a dick. Back to the drawing board.

121145-c089496c-20e0-11e4-9066-0beb7f687196 Source: Dirty Bird

10. Tous

This design house picked an innocent little teddy bear to stick on their logo.


fW0Xm6c Source: Imgur

11. Mama’s baking

A Greek cafe that seriously needs to rethink its marketing strategy.

15-worst-business-logos-of-all-time614428310-jan-22-2014-1-600x500 Source: Chacha

12. The Islamic Understanding Institute

We understand that this logo looks like something else, entirely.

Phallic-Logo-Adwards-Islamic-Understanding-Institute1 Source: Lazerhorse

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