'Are you drunk?': Derry Girls stars got prank-called by that wee English fella

Michelle and Claire picked up.

SAD AND ALL as it is to admit, there was a time during our teenage years when making prank calls was our one and only hobby.

While now we busy ourselves opening and closing the same apps for hours – hey, we don’t even need a notification to get the ball rolling – some people like to throw it back every now and again.

Take Dylan LLewellyn of Derry Girls, for example.

Teaming up with YouTuber, Matt Mason, Dylan was encouraged to prank-call his castmates, but here’s the thing, he needed his end of the conversation to follow alphabetical order.

Confused? Yeah, he was too.

And that’s probably why his on-screen cousin, Michelle, thought he was experiencing a cerebral malfunction when he attempted to engage her in a little light conversation.

To be honest, you sound like you’re having a stroke, I’m not going to lie. I literally thought you were on speed, or something, or like having a meltdown.”

And, unsurprisingly, Dylan didn’t fare much better with on-screen pal, Claire, who presumed he was, well, locked.

Are you going crazy? Are you drunk or something? This is so weird. I don’t know what’s going on!”

Hop on in at 1.57 to hear Dylan’s first exchange, speed up to 7.03 for his second, and prepare yourself for some serious toe-curling.

Even we did better than this…

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