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#DescribeYourselfIn3Words took over Twitter today - here were the very best responses
An insight into people’s SOULS.

THERE’S RARELY A day that goes by that doesn’t feature a wonderful Twitter hashtag to give us an insight into everyone out there.

And today it was #DescribeYourselfIn3Words that was thrust into the limelight:

Some just used it as a way to get their cute pets out there

Which we’re totally OK with.

And there were the comedians, of course

People even started to predict what some celebrities might say on this important matter

It went from the brilliantly surreal

To the straight up brilliant

There were some responses that we could all relate to

And this scientific measurement that rings true

In fact, it just showed that people are hungry

Like, very hungry

And this meme was everywhere

But, of course, no Twitter hashtag game would be complete without some patriotism

Never change, Twitter.

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