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Word alert

11 words that will definitely be added to the dictionary

These are so on fleek.

هل تغني عن ويكيبيديا؟ علي - ali علي - ali

THE OXFORD ENGLISH dictionary already recognises some pretty cool new words, but the internet language is moving so fast they haven’t caught up to all of them yet.

So, here are some words that have a good chance of making it into the fabled OED over the next few years:

1. Basic

The word basic is already there, of course, but not in its true internet form.

Its new interpretation has not made the OED yet, but it has popped up on

slang1 basic basic

Expect to see that version pop into the OED some time soon (PLEASE).

2. Shade

As in to throw. Basically, to criticise somebody:

The standard interpretation needs updating.

3. Fleek

fleek urbandictionary urbandictionary

To be on point, on your game. As in:

This is coming up fast thanks to Kim K and her ilk. Watch out, Oxford.

4. Textpectation

texts urbandictionary urbandictionary

The expectation when waiting for a message. We’ve all experienced it, just get ready to read about it officially.

5. Hiberdating

Oh, you know this is a thing.

6. Rekt


This can also be used for drunk, but it’s primarily a term for when somebody gets blown away in an argument.

7. Nerdgasm

When a person enjoys a really nerdy thing, they are said to have a nerdgasm. Linked to orgasm, but crucially so much different.

8. Bae

The current OED claims Bae as:



We all know it as a term for baby, your SO, your only etc.:

9. Doe

A modern day version of “though”. Sometimes used in an ironic way:

doe urbandictionary urbandictionary

It’s even pronounced differently.

10. Yaas

Yes might get relegated to second best when “yaas” finally takes over. It can be used in speech for dramatic elongation… so, eh, bonus?

11. Askhole

A person who will always find a way to ask an annoying question. Example:

Watch out OED, they’re coming.

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