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Did Pat Kenny leave RTE because people were being mean to him?

It’s entirely possible.

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AS YOU KNOW, Pat Kenny announced this afternoon that he is leaving RTE and joining the team at Newstalk.

It came as a shock to everyone, but we can’t help but think that if we’d paid closer attention to his treatment over the years we might have been able to prevent his departure.

Poor Pat has been suffering at the hands of colleagues and members of the public alike.  Yes, it’s presented us with some of the most entertaining televisual moments of our lifetimes, but what does that matter when poor Pat Kenny is hurting inside?

Allow us to demonstrate…

He endured years of unkindness at the hand (wing?) of Dustin the Turkey

YouTube/Windmill Lane Post

The Savage Eye, a programme on his own network, poked fun at him on a regular basis


As did Aprés Match


This man, Ciaran Lynch, called him a plank on his own show


He endured years of people shouting abuse from the audience of his programmes


Even in Gdansk he was persecuted by football fans

Look at the fear in his eyes.

YouTube/Brenna B via Balls.ie

This girl called him a loser behind his back


Even when nothing actually went wrong on his programme, unkind dubbing managed to make fun of him

YouTube/seaders via @gavinsblog

And of course there was bitter rejection he suffered at the hands of Barbara on the Late Late Show


Even children were out to get him, goading him into scenarios where he was forced to make embarrassing and politically incorrect suggestions


So.  Can it really be any surprise that Pat felt like he had to go?

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