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9 struggles Diet Coke addicts will understand all too well

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DIET COKE IS getting a makeover.

Nuevo pack de CocaCola! Han escuchado el consumidor... #marketing #marketingdigital #cocacola #red #diferenciacion Source: Coca Cola via marketing_news

Coca Cola have announced that they plan to rebrand their products, and therefore get rid of the silver Diet Coke can we know and adore.

1. It’s tough to go even a day without a can

Having one at your desk just feels so NATURAL.

2. You have to deal with people telling you it’s sooo bad for you


Yea I know it can give you cancer, but I'm trying to lose 3 lbs. Priorities... Can I have two animal style fries, a cheeseburger and a diet coke #tryingtowatchmyfigure #isbutteracarb #nodietpepsiisnotok Source: mytherapistsays

3. You get Diet Coke headaches

Both when you drink too much, or not enough.

I'm thinking I may have a bit of a coke habit! #workbin #cokehabit #dietcoke #dietcokebreak #dietcokeaddict #coke Source: hayley.cunningham

4. Your desk kinda looks like this and is basically preventing you from working at this stage

IMG_0614 Source: BlogSpot

5. You drink it in alcohol but the bartender gives you normal coke far too often

#saturday #satnight #vodkaandcoke #deserved #smirnoff ..... a few drinks to relax Source: ringhill2000

6. You can’t deal with the internal struggle when some shops charge more than a euro and you can’t NOT get it

Ugh the Costcutter down the road does them ten cent cheaper AND they’re not out of a multipack.

You’ll buy it though, in case you run out.

CEWXJVAWAAAw21s Source: reganonimity

7. Diet Pepsi and Coke Zero are NOT the same

So don’t insult us.

8. You look like a bit of a weirdo ordering it with a big fast food order


久違了!我的肥胖好夥伴~ #mcdonalds #mcmuffin #dietcoke #mylove #delicious #energetic Source: abraham.su

9. You’re known as the Diet Coke person



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