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Growing Up

10 key differences between growing up in Ireland and growing up in America

It’s not quite the same, is it?

1. In America, ‘spring break’ means this…

Spring Break Party - Florida AP / Press Association Images AP / Press Association Images / Press Association Images

While in Ireland, it means being shuttled off to camogie camp so that you’re out of your Mam’s hair for a few hours at least

2. In America, kids are carted off to school every day with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

Something simple to start the day pautirona pautirona

While in Ireland, we know that PB & J is the work of the divil himself and stick with the “hang sandwich”

CIrYSuCWUAAG62a Olly Wyn / Twitter Olly Wyn / Twitter / Twitter

3. In America, going to school every day is like a fashion show.

giphy (16) MTV Style / Tumblr MTV Style / Tumblr / Tumblr

While in Ireland, the only ‘cool’ thing you can do to your school uniform is cut an auld thumbhole in the jumper.

thumbhole Flickr Flickr

4. In America, teens at parties drink from effortlessly cool red cups

cup Flickr Flickr

While in Ireland, teens will drink from whatever quare mug is left in the press

mug Flickr Flickr

“Is this okay?” “Eh, yeah.”

5. In America, they literally award prizes at prom. That’s how seriously they take it.

giphy (17)

But in Ireland, this is everyone’s concern

6. In America, applying for college is a really intense/massive deal involving essays and so. much. paperwork

But in Ireland, it basically involves plucking a CAO course code from thin air and hoping for the best

Ah sure, f*** it.

7. In America, kids drink exotic fizzy drinks like ginger ale, cream soda and root beer…


While in Ireland, you got a bottle of Cadet and you goddamned liked it

1305675951125 21Food 21Food

8. In America, you were basically a laughing stock if you don’t know how to drive by the time you’re 14 or whatever

But in Ireland, teen drivers are in the minority. Seriously, God help you if you learn how to drive before you’re 18

As all your mates will be hitting you up for lifts for the next four years.

9. In America, they’re absolutely mad for their extra-curricular activities

But in Ireland, you’re considered great if you keep on a bit of a hockey in secondary school.

hockey Flickr Flickr

10. In the US, this is what kids think of when they hear the word “twinkie”

twink Flickr Flickr

While in Ireland, we assume you’re just getting this woman’s name wrong

90232513 Mark Stedman / Photocall Ireland Mark Stedman / Photocall Ireland / Photocall Ireland


(h/t to this Buzzfeed post for inspiring this post.)

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