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# Growing Up

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# Growing Up
Strong relationships with parents, peers and teachers 'key to child and adolescent wellbeing'
The latest in the Growing Up In Ireland research is published today.
# Growing Up
'Sit on the bench for six months at Bohs and you could lose your head. I want it even more now'
Danny Mandroiu aiming to deliver when it matters most for Shamrock Rovers in Europe after a turbulent end to his time at Dalymount Park.
# adulting
9 hurdles you have to overcome before you can call yourself an adult
Welcome to the real world kiddo.
# privacy please
17 struggles you'll only know if you grew up sharing a room with your sibling
# Double trouble
18 things that'll only make sense if you're a twin
We don’t have a telepathic connection. Well, maybe we do a little bit.
# Poll
Poll: Do you think getting rid of girls and boys children's clothing labels is a good idea?
A major UK retailer is doing just that.
# Interview
The former Rangers wonderkid now plying his trade at Sligo
Rhys McCabe chats to The42 about playing in the Old Firm Derby and why he chose to move to the League of Ireland.
# life stuff
20 things I thought I'd be able to do by the time I was 25
You mean it all doesn’t just become clear? How rude.
# same tbh
I guess this is growing up: How to show your quarter-life crisis who's boss
Feeling trapped by adulthood and all it entails? You’re not alone.
# young adult
17 signs you're finally becoming grown up with cash
Look at you, doing the Big Shop.
# Growing Up
The Irish Girl Guides is to start allowing transgender children into their ranks
Children who are male on their birth cert but who self-identify as female will be allowed to join.
# Growing pains
The 28 most pain in the arse things about finally being a grown up
Well this is the slimmed-down list.
# Real Life
11 uniquely Irish signs you're now a real adult
You’re hoping for a seat, not a shift.
# Growing Up
A giant redwood grove is being planted in Birr
You can buy your own space for a redwood for €500
# Change generation
QUIZ: Are You Ready To Settle (Down)?
Are you looking for a change? Let’s see.
# Growing Up
20 Things You Truly Accept When You're Over 30
Pillows and phones. That’s where the money needs to go.
# braceface
13 struggles anyone who grew up with braces will relate to
The wax. It does NOTHING.
# wow you're blind
12 things anyone who grew up with glasses knows to be true
“How many fingers am I holding up?” “This again? Really?”
# curfew
14 memories that are too real for anyone who grew up with strict parents
“As long as you’re living under my roof…”
# party for one
13 things you'll know if you grew up as an only child
“You’re an only child? That explains a lot.” OH DOES IT?
# baling hay
14 things you'll understand if you grew up on a farm
Massey. Deere. New Holland. You must choose one.
# Growing Up
This artist's sticky-note cartoons sum up the struggle of being an adult
Spot on.
# times tables
25 of the most stressful moments in every Irish childhood
Growing up in Ireland was constant stress.
# Around the houses
16 memories anyone who grew up in an Irish housing estate will recognise
Here's how you can harness your ambitions to achieve your goals
Use your ambition to achieve the big goals in your life, writes Rachel Bridge.
# The lads
14 struggles for people who grew up with only brothers
Boys will be boys.
# Growing Up
Does sending a kid to childcare or caring for them at home make any difference to their development?
The question has been addressed in a new ESRI study.
# Growing Up
10 key differences between growing up in Ireland and growing up in America
It’s not quite the same, is it?
Things I’ve learned from seven years as a Childline volunteer
After seven years of volunteering, I’ve learned a few things about young people that are worth sharing.
# fellow youths
21 times the internet perfectly summed up your twenties
So, so, accurate.
# adulthood
16 times the internet perfectly summed up what it means to be an adult
It’s hard out there.
# Storage Heaters
32 milestones in every Irish person's life
Growing up, growing up to be…
# dublife
13 struggles only those who grew up in Dublin will understand
Deep, deep, struggles.
# TechKnowHow
Thinking of getting your child a smartphone? Here's what you should consider
The children and teens of today might be more tech savvy, but that doesn’t mean you should automatically get them a smartphone.
# Wise Words
8 things your 30-year-old self would tell your 20-year-old self
Weddings, cheese, wine and tea towels.
# I guess this is growing up
10 things adults think teenagers should know about the 'real world'
Tip No.1: It’ll all #BeGrand.
# Growing pains
7 ways your parents TOTALLY ruined your teenage life
It’s NOT FAIR. I didn’t ASK to be born.
# inspired by cadbury
Watch this dad's beautiful timelapse film of his daughter growing up
And try not to well up.
# the folks
Living with your parents? Over 40% of young people do, but it's getting less common
42 per cent of young people live with their parents, down four per cent over four years.
# yer ma
14 subtle signs you're slowly but surely becoming your mammy
You didn’t lick it off the stones now, did you?