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13 discontinued ice pops we need to bring back immediately

Fat frogs, Chilly Willies, Mario pops…

LAST WEEK, WE ranked ice pops. This week, we’re looking back fondly on ice pops that have sadly left us.

1. Fat Frog

The absolute holy grail of ice pops. For goodness sake HB, bring them back already.

319705_391867430836752_1691837865_n HB Ice Cream Memories HB Ice Cream Memories

2. Sky

Like an Aero, but in ice cream form. Heaven.

319842_390370587653103_685100093_n HB Ice Cream Memories HB Ice Cream Memories

3. Sparkles

A staple in every Irish childhood. Sparkles came in a range of flavours but everyone knows the orange is the best.

524948_410303878993107_1492484690_n HB Ice Cream Memories HB Ice Cream Memories

4. Lemonade sparkle

Not to be confused with Sparkles.

White and fizzy, these were as refreshing as a bucket of water over the head.

50cf71145aa1d312de5f5332ccb7dbd1 Pinterest Pinterest

5. Dracula

Fruity and gave you a big red gob, just like you’d been sucking blood. Excellent.

560256_380155558674606_1437746624_n HB Facebook Memories HB Facebook Memories

dracula2 YouTube YouTube

6. Mr Men lollies

What colour would you get? It was a lifelong mystery, well, until you opened it.

mrmenwrapper Kzwp Kzwp

7. Mini Milk

Like the Sparklers, but more of a milkshake flavour than fruity.

464868_380155922007903_1583883454_o HB Ice Cream memories HB Ice Cream memories

8. Super Mario

9. Zig and Zag

It’s hard to describe the Super Mario ice pop, other than ‘absolutely amazing’. The Zig and Zag pop was shortlived but that hundreds and thousands coating still enters our dreams.

IMG_0015 twoheadedthingies twoheadedthingies

10. Boomy

Usually one reserved for holidays, Boomy consisted of a strawberry, lemon and orange segment. Sure it was practically healthy.

ayeah bigfooty bigfooty

11. Jurassic Park lolly

These limited edition pops should have definitely made a comeback for Jurassic World. LOOK AT THEM. They were shaped like a T Rex and basically snack foods didn’t get any better than this.


12. Chilly Willy

Basically a glorified orange ice pop. The puns were endless though.

380266_389535341069961_1882643776_n HB Facebook Memories HB Facebook Memories

13. Mister Long

These were massive and had a huge stick. There’s not much material about them online but they live on in our memories.

product-386452 Ciao Ciao

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