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# Ice-Cream

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# can't be haagen that
Four flavours of Haagen-Dazs ice cream recalled over pesticide contamination
The chemical 2-Chloroethanol, a reaction product of the potentially dangerous ethylene oxide, was found in certain batches.
Ben & Jerry's sues Unilever to block distribution in Israeli settlements
In July last year, Ben & Jerry’s said it would no longer sell its ice cream in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories.
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# Recall
Batches of Nestlé Milkybar and Nuii ice creams recalled over presence of unauthorised pesticide
The FSAI announced the recall on its website this evening.
Too hot in the heatwave? Try some seasonal homemade iced treats from Shane Smith
The master pastry chef shares three delicious recipes for you to try at home in the heatwave.
# Ice-Cream
A definitive ranking of the best dairy-free ice creams readily available in most Irish supermarkets
There are more options than ever, but which ones are worth trying?
# 99 Problems
Cost of 99 ice creams to rise as Irish companies hit by vanilla price hike
Some companies have stopped making vanilla-flavoured ice cream altogether.
# The Future
Banana plant extract could be key to creamier, longer lasting ice cream
Researchers have found that adding tiny cellulose fibres extracted from banana plant waste to ice cream could slow melting.
# tayto gelato
Dublin ice cream parlour Scoop are bringing out a cheese and onion flavoured gelato this weekend
This could really go either way.
# cheap wine
5 foods that alcohol should not be added to under any circumstances
Eating and drinking should be two separate activities.
# lunch crunch
Poll: Did you have an ice-cream in the past two days?
Give it to us straight. Be honest.
You can now get Kopparberg ice creams in Dundrum
For once, cider drinkers aren’t being left out of food trends.
# treat of treats
The Iceberger is the best Irish ice cream and there's no two ways about it
No faff, no bells and whistles, just a good ice cream.
# doughburger
A shop in Cork is selling these delicious-looking ice cream 'donut burgers' this weekend
Extremely relevant to our interests.
# more like 9999
This whopper of a 99 - called 'The Big Boy' - is on sale in Co Meath
Don’t even think of the brain freeze.
# revelation
Insomnia has just launched a new slushie based on the Brunch ice cream
# Limerick
Man who used ice cream van as cover for cocaine business gets two-year sentence
Paul Collopy had the final two years of a four-year sentence suspended.
# Ice-Cream
Scrumdiddly's ice cream parlour has just opened a pop-up shop in Arnotts
Just in time for the good weather!
# muffin top
The Supermacs hot muffin and ice cream is the unofficial national dessert of Ireland
A love letter to a special dish.
A Dublin company is making booze-infused tubs of ice-cream and the flavours are unreal
# food and drink
The scions of two Irish ice cream dynasties are plotting a 70-store UK rollout
Gino’s Gelato will launch in Chester, Manchester and Liverpool this year.
# brunch anyone
A pub in Dublin is serving up this monstrous 'unicorn' Easter egg
The lordblessusandsaveus.
# gimme dat
Viennetta snack packs are a thing and we need them in Ireland immediately
Oh my GOD.
# mcflurry party
McDonald's is now selling giant McFlurries, and they are a thing of beauty
# Doing business
‘If I pop my clogs in the morning the company could keep going. That’s a sign of success'
As part of our How My Business Works series we profile the company behind Smooch ice cream.
# screwballs and 99s
Ireland's oldest ice cream man got a special award for his 'dedication to ice cream'
Go on Mr Ripple!
# screwballs and 99s
Ireland's oldest ice cream man got a special award for his 'dedication to ice cream'
Go on Mr Ripple!
# The Square
Gino's Gelato just opened a new decadent ice cream store in Tallaght
# Delicious
This Sligo ice cream has been named the best Oreo gelato in the world
The Italian seal of approval.
# black and white stuff
This new 'Guinness and biscuit ice cream' looks absolutely class
And Facebook is lapping it up.
# South Dublin
After 49 years on the round, Ireland's oldest ice-cream man stars in short documentary
‘Years ago children would know when you were coming and they’d be sitting out on the street waiting for you but it’s not like that now.’
# Limerick
Lunchbox of cocaine found in ice-cream van used as cover for major drugs business, court hears
Gardaí also found a drugs invoice which showed €45,000 worth of cocaine had been sold.
# angela's shop
This little shop in Cork is going to great lengths to sell homemade ice cream sandwiches
The perfect beach treat.
# french vanilla
Everyone's loving this family's ridiculous conversation about their cat's nightly routine
This cat is better fed than you are.
# revelation
Viennetta on a stick is a real ice cream and it needs to come to Ireland
This just got portable.
# strawberry shortcake
We need to talk about the Brunch imposter that exists in the US
‘Strawberry Shortcake Dessert Bar.’ Why’d ya have to go and make things so complicated, guys?
# hundreds and thousands helped
A group of Derry lads heroically tried to save this sinking ice cream van
The real life ice cream float.
# all summer
This bar is mixing wine with Coke and ice cream to make ‘red wine floats’
# loop the loop
This Stoneybatter café is selling Loop The Loop doughnuts today
# ice cream man
Screwballs were the best thing you could get from the ice cream man as a kid
That sweet bubblegum surprise.
# aungier danger
Aungier Danger have turned one of their doughnuts into a delicious-looking 99
C’mere to me.