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10 ways to DIY your own booze-filled advent calendar

Tis the season to be ‘jolly’.

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YOU CAN NOW buy all sorts of booze-laced advent calendars for grownups. But here’s the thing: they’re REALLY expensive.

A standard whiskey one will set you back upwards of €200. A craft beer one is more than €100 (and anyway they’re sold out now).

So here’s how to make your own, on the cheap, for the booze fan in your life.

1. Clear out all the crap from your wardrobe organiser and make it REALLY useful

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2. Use lengths of poster tubing to create little boxes, each with its own number. Then add beer/wine/WKD blue/your drink of choice.

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3. Get together with some friends, and use this method to make a REALLY classy calendar with home-poured spirit miniatures

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Full instructions here.

4. Simply use a wine rack, then tie labels to the bottles

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You can often pick up wine racks very cheaply in charity shops, because seriously, who actually NEEDS a wine rack?

5. If you have bannisters, hang the bottles from ‘em.

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Use strong ribbon. And be really careful. Definitely don’t do this after having any of the beers.

6. Or just use a shelf, with labels tied to the bottle necks

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7. Got a crate hanging around? A bit of cardboard with doors cut out of it turns a regular old booze crate into a classy advent calendar

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8. Cardboard boxes and post-its? Yep, that works too

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9. Spirit drinkers can also apply the ‘advent candle’ principle to a bottle of their choice

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Masking tape, pen, ruler. Bish bash bosh.

10. Or look. If you’re feeling REALLY lazy…

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Drink during Advent responsibly, you guys. But also: enjoy!

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