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Ludicrous DIY disaster is the gift that keeps on giving

Just when you thought electrical wiring couldn’t be funny, this happens.

NOT OFTEN A source of comedy, DIY home videos posted to Youtube don’t tend to go super viral very often.

Now everything has changed.

The video of this guy trying to fix his lights just keeps getting better and better towards the end – brilliantly ending with him turning on a light with his hairdryer.

Daniel Willey / YouTube

With the sound of his wife’s laughter getting ever louder in the background, this disastrous attempt to do his own complicated DIY really backfired.

And HOW can he make the light brighter with a flick of a switch? It’s madness.

Naturally, everyone absolutely adores the couple and can empathise with their plight

We’ll just add this to the list of reasons not to do your own complex DIY jobs, then.

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