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10 DIY presents to surprise your other half with

Because buying stuff is cool, but making stuff can also be fun.

SOMETIMES IT’S GREAT to get together some serious cash and spend it wisely on a great present for your other half.

Other times, though, less money and more imagination can win the day. Observe these fine ideas:

1. A delicious bouquet of chocolate

chocolate Source: funkypolkadotgiraffe

A simple thing like buying a few bars can be made into a rather grand gesture very easily. Take four boxes of some sort of sweets to make your vase, glue them together, and then fire in a load of their favourite bars with some nice tissue paper and you’re set. It’s much tastier than flowers too. Full details here.

2. Scrabble coasters for the gaff


If you’re not too bothered about losing some Scrabble pieces, you can sacrifice them into making some themed coasters for your gaff. You have to get some regular, larger cork board and glue on the Scrabble pieces in whatever order you choose. Then, cut them out and give them a spray of wood coating and you’re set. See the full method here and give it a go.

3. Bottle-cap candles

candlecaps Source: popsugar

Finally, something constructive to do with those bottle caps after a party. Now, the step-by-step guide to how to make these bad boys is relatively complicated, but the end product is a fairly epic gift for your other half’s house (which might also be yours – so win win).

4. A Date Jar

married life Source: Pinterest

Get a load of lollipop sticks, and write one date idea on each. It can be as simple as “head to the cinema” or “day-long road trip.” Then stack them all into a jar and you have a fun and exciting game next time you need something to be at for the afternoon. It’s simple enough to put together and will set you off on some adventures as well. You can even get cool mason jars in Ireland, so there is no excuses.

5. A Jack Daniels soap dispenser

Jack-Daniels-Soap-Dispenser-3 Source: Curlybirds

Get a bottle of Jack and have a few drinks with some friends. Don’t throw out the bottle, though – put it to good use. Curly Birds describes the pretty simple process involved in making one of these – and it would up your bathrooms coolness level by a significant percent.

6. A charging station

charging station Source: popsugar

With one plastic bottle and one pair of scissors, you can fashion your other half their very own charging station for their phone. No more stepping over wires or having the fear that you will one day tread on a screen.

7. This cat mug

catmug Source: Sarah Thelen

Get yourself a plain mug and a porcelain pen. You don’t have to draw a cat, but look how cute the one above is. That’s your starting point.

8. This homemade Spock iphone case

spockiphonecase Source: thecheesethief

You’ll need a printer, an iphone and some scissors to pull this off.

9. A chalkboard globe

globe_select1 Source: designsponge

You’ll need to get your hands on a globe and make your way to an arts and crafts store for the chalkboard paint. After that, it’s as simple as staying between the lines to create a chalkboard globe, where you can map out your travel plans or draw stupid stuff on far flung countries – it’s your call.

10. Homemade bath bombs

bathbombs Source: thecoterieblog

This is pro-level DIY present making right here. You’ll have to channel your inner Breaking Bad to cook up these effervescent homemade bath scents - but the internet raves about them and what’s better than a good quality bath?

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