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Dobson labels Irish ‘quaint’… or does he?

The Six One newsreader offers a comment on the TG4 debate… but is it really David Davin-Power in disguise?

RTÉ NEWSREADER Bryan Dobson found himself at the receiving end of some ire on Twitter after he appeared to take to the microblogging site and describe the language as ‘quaint’ after watching this evening’s debate on TG4.

Some users found the description amusing – but others were more offended, wondering why the Six One anchorman had taken such an unusual tack.

It turns out, though, that it might not have been him at all – but rather the station’s political correspondent, David Davin-Power, who had mischievously tweeted just minutes beforehand that Dobson hadn’t signed himself out of his account at his office computer.

Dobson labels Irish ‘quaint’… or does he?
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What’s next in the RTÉ Twitter prank series? Sharon Ní Bheoláin taking over Paul Cunningham’s Twitter to decry climate change as a myth? Or will Dobson try to wreak his revenge on DDP? Time will tell…