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16 essential facts of life for dog owners

Paws for thought.

YOU KNOW THESE all too well…

1. Whenever your food arrives, so does someone else

shutterstock_280164329 Source: Shutterstock/Tetra Images

No matter what it is, they’ll be there.

2. In fact, you’re never alone

dogalone Source: imgur

3. You know never, ever to go near their food


Despite yours always being fair game.

4. You can’t even mention the word “walk” without sparking an eager reaction


5. You are the hero that helps them conquer their fears

My dog is terrified of crossing bridges. Source: Imgur

6. And sometimes those fears can be adorably irrational

7. They are absolutely ecstatic to see you when you get home

anigif_enhanced-buzz-20352-1364920174-4 Source: Buzzfed


8. Going out for a walk will take double the time because of constant sniffing

dogsniffing Source: Twitter

“Oh, what’s this? The bottom of the tree we pass every evening. Ah, yes. Good doggie.”

9. And if you meet other dogs on the way, prepare for a long stop

10. Dog hair is an everyday part of your domestic experience

How did this clump manage to make it behind the sofa?

11. When they fart, they will proudly sit there like nothing has happened

He let out a horrible fart. Then just started at me. Proud of the smell he made. Source: Imgur

12. When they want to go outside, it will be the only thing on their mind

DogWake1 Source: Littlethings

13. But when they get out there, suddenly they want back in immediately

animals-asking-to-go-inside-10__605 Source: Boredpanda

14. They will pop up in inappropriate places all the time

I think I'm being replaced. (xpost from /r/aww) Source: Imgur

15. But your daily life is filled with the cutest moments

sL7S0 Source: Imgur

16. And they’ll always be there for you

Rd12q Source: Imgur

We love all of you dogs out there. Never change.

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