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'Dog S**t Selfie' is a new and horrible online trend

People take selfies while their dog has a poo.

IN PERHAPS THE weirdest online development since the Condom Challenge, the internet has welcomed a new variety of selfie.

That is the Dog S**t Selfie, in which you take a photo of yourself while your dog has a poo. It’s important that the dog is also in shot, obviously.

Why do people do this? We don’t know. How did it become a thing? No idea. How do you see the best examples? On the Dog S**t Selfie Tumblr, obviously. 

You can do it with a cup of tea:

tumblr_mrkzslD6by1s6098bo1_1280Source: Tumblr

With an ironic sign:

tumblr_mr0oltAAT91s6098bo1_1280 Source: Tumblr

With a friend:


tumblr_mru4ylMWkA1s6098bo1_1280 Source: Tumblr

Or, for the real advanced DSS-er, with another pet.

tumblr_mqfek5XNw71s6098bo1_1280 Source: Tumblr

Meta. Oh, what the internet does to us.

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