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People seeking surgery to look like 'filtered versions of themselves'
There’s a new phenomenon called ‘Snapchat dysmorphia’, researchers have said.
An Irish influencer has shown just how different the cameras on the iPhone and a Samsung are when it comes to selfies
Which is which?
Poll: Do you regularly post selfies on social media?
Give it to us straight. Be honest.
A selfie competition by Walker's Crisps got hijacked by people sending in pictures of serial killers
How did they not see this coming?
A selfie competition with Gary Lineker got hijacked by people sending in pictures of serial killers
How did they not see this coming?
11 reasons being a millennial is the absolute WORST
Who even wants affordable healthcare and housing anyway?
Poll: Do you think celebrities should take selfies with fans?
Posting to social media means stars’ locations can be revealed within seconds.
People are firing their phones up in the air for this ridiculous new selfie craze
Come through, cracked screens!
7 photos that every Irish person should have of themselves
From the Cliffs of Moher to a cheesy snap with Mattress Mick – this is the ultimate #untaggable Irish photo op bucket list.
Child and parents die in river rapids after girl falls in while taking a selfie
So-called “selfie deaths” have surged in recent years.
This dad has been parodying his daughter’s selfie poses with excellent results
Nailed it.
Does your child want a tech present this Christmas, but you don't know if it's a good idea?
The truth is that this technological evolution is the greatest social experiment of our time and as parents we are in uncharted waters, writes child psychologist Colman Noctor.
Here's why teens are putting their selfies on top the Christmas tree
Peak selfie.
Three sisters have received €107,000 in gifts just for posting selfies
“If men want to treat us, why argue?” Lucy Brooks says.
5 non-stupid ways to make your Instagram selfies look instantly better
With celebrity examples.
This man thinks selfie sticks are embarrassing, so he made a 'selfie arm'
It’s *very* discreet.
A teen Instagram star has quit the site to expose her 'fake and forced' beauty pics
Essena O’Neill has recaptioned all her photos to tell the real stories behind them.
This woman spent a whole marathon taking selfies with hot guys
Well, fair play.
The girls mocked for taking selfies at baseball had a brilliant response to the controversy
You stay classy, Alpha Chi Omega.
These girls are going viral for completely ignoring a game to take selfies
Watch the game…? NAH THANKS.
This girl's parents expertly recreated her Facebook selfies to mortify her
When your mam and dad want to embarrass you, they’ll find a way.
Man accidentally shoots himself dead while posing for a selfie with a gun
Police say he was “handling a gun he believed to be unloaded.”
Police investigate online community encouraging 'selfies with the dead'
Cash rewards were offered for some.
14 photos that prove humans don't deserve selfie sticks
Selfie sticks: a right, not a privilege.
10 honest tips for choosing the best Tinder photo
It’s going down, we’re yelling TINDERRRR…
6 reasons why you should stop giving out about selfies
In defense of selfies.
It's going to be difficult to get a picture with Ed Sheeran this weekend
Selfie sticks have been banned from his two Croke Park concerts.
Five arrested over China shopping centre sex tape
A video showing a couple having sex went viral on the China’s Twitter-like Weibo.
8 smartphone camera tricks that'll take your Instagram to the next level
Ever wanted a birdseye view of yourself? Step right in.
This personal trainer just proved how bogus 'before and after' selfies can be
Fitspo? Not so much.
Are these the most interesting places to photograph in Ireland?
Lines. Lots of lines.
Everyone is falling for this hilariously evil iPhone selfie prank
Facepalms all round.
Why is it now acceptable to plaster pictures of your face all over social media?
Gone are the days where taking a picture of yourself was seen as being vain and slightly obnoxious.
Two people climbed the Shandon Tower in Cork for an incredibly dangerous selfie
People who take lots of selfies are more likely to be psychopathic
Yes, you.
#FirstDateSelfies are an actual trend on Instagram
Would you take one?
The good, the bad and the ugly: Are selfies turning us all into narcissists?
Or were we already halfway there?
13 things everyone needs to stop doing on social media for 2015
Read it and weep. You can redeem yourself.
Megatron drops some serious truth bombs about selfie culture
“Ugh, how disappointing your generation is.”
Yes, people are actually taking selfies at the Sydney siege
The images have sparked outrage on Twitter.