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This baffling question about a dog wearing trousers has taken over Twitter


THERE HAVE BEEN a lot of important questions asked and conversations started on Twitter, but this probably tops them all in terms of urgency.


This question, asked by journalist Jared Keller, is a serious mind melter.

We may just be questioning everything we ever knew. People just don’t know where to look.

OK let’s be rational about it and gather some evidence.

These chinos give a clear indication of how doggies wear trousers

qlleyZNDepm64zs2RxlMyloNo1_1280 Source: Tumblr

This tracksuit shows the dog wearing the trousers on his hind legs only

Pet-Supplies-Dog-Trousers-DA1015- Source: Made-in-china

It appears dogs only wear shirts on their front two legs. Like arms, if you will

dog_suspender_trousers_dog_jeasn_trousers Source: Aliimg

But we’re talking REAL trousers here, not ones made by the ‘system’

tumblr_mm6m0tkVl81qgbw2fo1_500 Source: Tumblr

Well, what do you think? Which way would a dog wear trousers?

Poll Results:

On the back two legs (1331)
Over the four legs (165)
Another way, which I will explain in the comments (48)

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