Domhnall Gleeson told James Corden he had to be put in a fridge while filming in Australia

Red hair woes.

There’s a reason why Ireland is one of the biggest consumer of false tan in the world, and that’s because we are, by de facto, pale AF.

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In fact, some of us, in a certain light, qualify as blue, but that’s neither here nor there.

Luckily, we’re in pretty slick company as Domhnall Gleeson revealed during a recent chat with James Corden.

Source: YouTube

Promoting Peter Rabbit alongside Margot Robbie on the U.S chatshow, the Dubliner revealed that filming scenes Down Under was somewhat of a struggle on account of his fair skin.

In fact, most scenes ended with calls for Domhnall, who had had his hair dyed brown in an effort to ‘trick’ the sun – to be placed in a room the production team dubbed ‘the fridge’.

No, seriously.

I was running around and it was 100 degrees. And in between they would have to put me in a room they called the fridge. So as soon as they called ‘cut’, they would say ‘put Domhnall in the fridge!
Many people rushed me into a room which was just many air conditioning units pointed directly at me to try and dry the sweat out of my clothes because… it was all the way through.

Running with the theme, James quizzed Domhnall on his various other uncomfortable encounters as a fair skinned, red-headed Irish man.

And it turns out they involved Gigi Hadid, a woeful case of sunburn and a questionable lacy number…

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