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19 of the most Donegal things that have ever happened

Wile powerful stuff.

1. The time this letter was successfully delivered

Ah, “your man Henderson.”

2. When this pub got sarcy in the local paper

bigpaddy Source: Facebook

3. The time this public service announcement was necessary

4. When this sign was needed for this road

zFFBRTc Source: Imgur

5. The time a Donegal football team were on their way back from a game in Galway and they spotted a local man out footing his turf by the road

Source: Rosie O'Gara via Official Donegal GAA

So they joined in, of course.

6. The fact that the Muff Diving Club knows how to capatilise on its name


So much Muff Diving Club merch.

7. When the Donegal Tuesday tradition takes over Galway during RAG Week

8. This headline

gardai Source: @prayforpatrick

9. The time a camel pitched up to the beach in Buncrana

visit Source: Twitter

Taking in those rays.

10. And the time an ice cream van didn’t enjoy it quite as much

11056619_973718772649880_8706367956497267447_n Source: Surfers Bar Rossnowlagh

11. The most Donegal headline that has ever existed happened last year

12. When even the road signs hadn’t a clue

13. When the AA sent out this alert

14. The pure cheek of this Donegal shop owner

manflu Source: Twitter

15. And the time an ice cream van opened at the top of Slieve League

16. The time that the road signs were deadly accurate

17. And McGrory’s snuck in some small print

18. The time you were out shopping and came across these bargain hunters

19. And finally… the time no other mode of transport was available

Never change, Donegal.

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