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17 people who tried to be cool and *almost* succeeded


1. This girl doing a cool basketball stunt shot

Source: Imgur

2. This dude playing it super cool on a skateboard

Source: Imgur

3. This guy just going for a chill five on the down low

Source: Swaggy_T/Vine

4. This guy keeping it ice cold while smashing a champagne bottle for the photographers

Source: Imgur

5. This FBI agent, coolly leaping over a gate

Source: Imgur

6. This cool fisherman

Source: Alex/Vine

7. This intense guy going for an epic dive

Source: Feminiya

8. This below-zero handshake-to-fist save

Source: Izismile

9. This downright frigid goal celebration

Source: Cameron Goldsworthy/Vine

10. This man entering a supermarket in the coolest way possible

Source: Imgur

11. This cool girl doing a dance

Source: Ashley Walsh/Vine

12. This middle-aged gent jumping gracefully into a cool pool

Source: fail city/Vine

13. This cool lady doing a sexy strut

Source: Imgur

14. Richard


15. This chill backflip


16. Everyone beingcool during this tragic incident

Source: Imgur

17. And this cool jetpack guy


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