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# dope
Third doping controversy hits the Winter Olympics
Ziga Jeglic is believed to have tested positive for the banned drug fenoterol.
# dope
The internet is ripping the piss out of Bella Hadid over her cringey interview about runners
Drink every time she says ‘homeboy’.
# dope
Despite drug test for marijuana being below legal limit, NFL player still banned from returning
Cleveland Browns receiver Josh Gordon missed all of last season and could be forced to take more time off.
# Dopes
ASOS has missed a major flaw in these 'dope' sandals
We’ll take seven pairs! Oh… oh wait…
# blazing squad
9 favourite activities people do when they're stoned
Because they got high, because they got high…
# ye tick
9 of the mildest (but most cutting) Irish insults
Please. Be gentle.
# dope
Stark new anti-doping ad shows cheating tars everyone involved in sport
The Irish Sports Council have launched a new campaign.
# so dope
You have to hear comedian Dave Chappelle's amazing first encounter with Kanye West
That’s SO Kanye.
# dope
Cyclist celebrates winning lap too early
The crowd tried to warn him but it was too late.
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Fan granted iTunes refund on 'homophobic' James Arthur album
The backlash, it’s coming.
# dope
Brace yourself... Jan Ullrich admits to doping for the first time
I know, it knocked the wind out of us too.
# dope
You think a 10 game ban is bad, try 8 years
Godolphin trainer Mahmood Al Zarooni will be out of the sport for the foreseeable future.
POT: A history of marijuana
Washington State and Colorado in the US voted to legalise the drug’s use last month – but what happened in the States before pot went ‘proper’?
# Chris Brown
Chris Brown was (a) dope at the O2 last night, according to Twitter
And what was that he was smoking on stage?
# says it all
Chris Brown wore the wrong hat for a Dublin gig
We’re guessing he thinks it means something different. Here are the pics of last night’s gig…
# Cannabis
Elderly couple grew enormous cannabis plant… by mistake
The pensioners applied their gardening skills to the herb, until it was seized by police.
# Head Shops
Gardai "monitoring" alleged sales of cannabis-growing equipment in 'head shops'
Department of Justice stresses its 2010 Psychoactive Substances Act can cope with any potential loophole as head shops rebrand themselves “grow shops” for legal plants.