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9 of the mildest (but most cutting) Irish insults

Please. Be gentle.

The worst insults are usually the tamest, said with the highest malice.

1. Harmless

To be described as harmless, is to pretty much not even exist at all.

tumblr_myy9hxIAfF1s8pd5uo1_500 Source: Tumblr

2. Ya bleedin tick ye

All about the delivery on this one. Have it thrown at you in a thick Dublin accent, and they may as well have just shot you.

Z0031407 Source: Thestrong

3. You clown

Usually said with copious amounts of disappointment in their voice.

scary clown on the streets of new york Source: joiseyshowaa

4. Dirtbird

Being a dirtbird is the worst kind of dirty. Manky, scumbag, sick bitch, they’re all very valid but dirtbird is in a league of its own disgust.

hqdefault Franno meant it as a compliment.

5. Sap

Wimp, whipped, mammy’s boy, wuss… not one of em have a patch on sap.


6. State of it

You worked so HARD on it, you’d almost rather someone said it was ugly or crap rather than a simple dismissive ‘state of it’.

7. Dry shite

No Irish person likes to be seen to be lacking the craic. Somehow, dryshite cuts way deeper than banter hoover or the plain old shite craic.


8. Muppet

No one wants to be a muppet.

Endlich wieder Muppets Tonight Source: Muppet Wiki

9. Scab

Can anything cut deeper than being accused of being cheap while down the pub avoiding your round? No, sadly.

My boo-boo (four days later) Source: Peter aka anemoneprojectors

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