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Dramatic footage shows bull jumping into crowd (VIDEO)

Bull jumps out of ring during event in Spain.

A BULL JUMPED out of the bullring and into the stands during a competition in Tafalla, Spain, yesterday, injuring at least 30 people.

The crowd rushed to escape the animal’s path as it charged through the arena.

One man was gored in the back and a ten-year-old boy suffered stomach wounds, but most of the injuries are reported to be cuts and bruises.

This news report shows the dramatic incident:

Stadium employees managed to contain the bull after about 15 minutes. The bull was then killed, and its body removed by crane.

The town of Tafalla is about 30km from Pamplona, which is famous for its bull running and fighting contests. The event in the video was not a bull fight, but a competition in which people run alongside the bull as close to the animal as possible.

Last month, Catalonia became the first part of mainland Spain to ban bullfighting. A huge debate is underway in the country as to the future of the tradition.