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15 Dream Team characters that will make you sick with nostalgia
Ten years of glorious trash.

IF YOU WERE lucky enough to have access to Sky One back in the day, there’s a good chance you came across the most ridiculous TV show of its era: Dream Team.

A cross between The Bill, Footballer’s Wives and some sort of low budget murder mystery, Dream Team was a weekly dose of the ludicrous every Sunday night.

And this was the cast of characters (who, frankly, should never have moved to Harchester because it seemed to have the highest murder rate in the world in the late ’90s):

1. Luis Amor Rodriguez

luisamor YouTube YouTube

His awful Argentinian accent was a character highlight.

2. Lynda Block

lynda Sky One Sky One

The dramatic heartbeat of Dream Team – and survivor of 48 attempts on her life (probably).

3. Jerry Block

lynda2 YouTube YouTube

Casually tried to assassinate the best player on the team. As you do.

4. Karl Fletcher

karl eurosport eurosport

5. Abi Fletcher

tashparker2 Sky One Sky One

Our token Irish character.

Abi met Karl when he was recovering from a bus crash (obviously) and their romance blossomed from there.

She might have involved in various hostage scenarios too, because Dream Team.

6. Tash Parker

tashparker Sky One Sky One

One half of the major glam couple in Dream Team, along with…

7. Jamie Parker

lynda4 Sky One Sky One

Jamie got killed when a SWAT team stormed the team’s dressing room.


8. Scott Lucas

tashparker3 dtdiehard dtdiehard

A Harchester legend.

Managed to avoid serious injury/death during his time on the show – and for that he’s a walking miracle.

9. Dean Hocknell

hqdefault Ytimg Ytimg

10. The lad who tried to assassinate the star player for some reason

lynda3 YouTube YouTube

Ah, Dream Team.

11. The bus that the team inevitably crash in

tashparker4 Sky One Sky One

What a character.

12. John Black


Tragically taken out in the great Wembley assassination of the late ’90s.

13. Lizzie Conlan

lizziecon http: / / http: / / / /

Bringing that necessary Scottish accent to the mix.

14. Claudia Irving

lizziecon3 dtdiehard dtdiehard

15. Sean Hocknell

lizziecon2 dtdiehard dtdiehard

He looked like he could – and should – have been a member of Oasis in the early ’90s.

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