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Impatient driver recklessly overtakes truck in Dublin… right into the teeth of an unmarked Garda car



You’re waiting in traffic behind a truck and you desperately want to overtake, but you resist and just silently curse whatever God has sentenced you to this fate.

This Dublin driver probably should have done the latter.

A video has surfaced showing a driver in Dublin 4 overtaking a truck and getting his comeuppance.

Firstly, the driver trailed behind the truck at a snail’s pace.

car1 Source: YouTube

And after much deliberation, the driver decided to bite the bullet and overtake the truck.

car2 Source: YouTube

See ya!

car3 Source: YouTube

But it was all ruined when the driver immediately came face to face with an unmarked Garda car.

car4 Source: YouTube

And was reprimanded at the side of the road.

car5 Source: YouTube


That’s karma for you.

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