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Here's how Twitter reacted to Jon Snow smoking skunk on television last night

The programme is still trending this morning.

LAST NIGHT, DRUGS Live: Cannabis on Trial aired on Channel 4.

The programme aimed to explore the effects of smoking cannabis and saw venerable broadcaster Jon Snow try a bit of skunk.

He didn’t have a great time.

Source: Scott Bryan/Vine

The programme was watched by millions and is still the top trending topic on Twitter in Ireland this morning.

So, what did people make of it all?

It was kind of like eavesdropping on your parents.

In fact, there was something distinctly Partridge-esque about the whole thing

It all escalated rather quickly.

Some wanted to give poor old Jon Snow a hug and tell him it was going to be okay.

And people agreed that an MRI scanner probably wasn’t the place for him

Despite not being a lot of craic, Snow did get an invitation from this guy

While others worried whether the damage was already done

At one point, Richard Branson showed up and advocated for the legalisation of drugs. It prompted this observation…


And someone may have spotted an, ahem, enthusiast in the crowd

Some felt that skunks were needlessly brought into the conversation.

And this guy pitched an Irish version.

Hey, we’d watch that.

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