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11 mortifying drunk texts that prove it's never a good idea

Put. Down. The. Phone.

YOU’RE ON A night out, having the craic, and for some unknown reason you feel your hand slowly moving towards your phone to send some form of mortifying message.

It might be to someone you have your eye on, it could be to a friend – it really could be anyone. But one thing you know is you will wake up the next day with so much regret.

But you can comfort yourself that others have woken up to worse:

1. This subtle inquiry at 3.48am

insert2 Source: Instagram

Just checking they were still awake.


2. This guy replying to himself

Going massively viral might have helped the hangogver.

3. Reading back over some attempted navigation in the nightclub the next morning is cringe central

insert Source: Instagram

4. Drunk texting is not only a single person’s hobby – the mortification is universal

insert3 Source: Instagram

5. This person will be questioning this tactic the next day

batman Source: Instagram

6. This should have been stopped after the first message

text1 Source: Imgur

7. This sick burn was all this person deserved

insert4 Source: Instagram

Our eyes. We can’t unsee.

8. This mix-up that you can’t talk your way out of

6VsFa Source: Imgur

9. Domestic BLISS

TpMhi Source: Imgur

That’s going to be an awkward chat in the morning.

10. The lack of response here is telling

insert7 Source: Instagram

11. This attempted save that just didn’t work

hook Source: Imgur

Still, this person embraced the drunk text and didn’t let the fear take over.

That over confidence of sending a message on a night out plagues many of us though, when will the nightmare end?

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