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The 13 most Dublin Bus things that have ever happened

And that’s not including Network Noel.

1. This emotional lost-property appeal

2. This extremely important cargo

Source: Imgur

3. This innovative new route

Source: Imgur

4. This driver wearing a full tiger onesie, with headpiece, on Halloween

Source: Derek O'Brien

5. This.

6. This impressive evidence of the company’s equal-opportunity recruitment mindset

Source: Imgur

7. This multi-part singalong on the top deck

Source: Nick J Sheridan/YouTube

8. This epic session on the Nitelink (anything can happen on the Nitelink)

Source: Shaun Nugent/YouTube

9. Dat ass tho

Source: Imgur

10. This everyday occurrence while passengers wait for the 16 on a rainy day

Source: Imgur

11. This bus driver’s small act of kindness – and the note he got in return

12. This scene on the number 14

13. And this lad, just dressing up as Santa for the LOLs.

Source: _Katie_Brady

Ah, Dublin Bus. Never change.

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