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How an inner-city Dublin funeral home popped up in a big budget Netflix series

This is ridiculous.

THOSE WHO KNOW the Northside of Dublin will probably be familiar with Stafford’s funeral home on the North Strand – as it has been situated there since the 1950s.

Now, it has randomly appeared in the Netflix series Lilyhammer, supposedly as a classic Brooklyn funeral home. In the show, which is a crime drama based on a New York mobster living in Norway, the Tagliano family history is being talked through and it turns out that Frank Tagliano’s brother ran a funeral home in Brooklyn in the 1950s.

And here it is, with a little help from Photoshop:


The Tagliano business looks suspiciously like Dublin’s very own Stafford’s on the North Strand:


Speaking to, Director of the business Jonathan Stafford was chuffed with his buildings appearance on the show:

I was absolutely amazed. It’s one of those things. My grandfather built the place back in the ’50s. I tried to maintain the shop front based on the buildings’ history. Seeing it on the show was great – it was like bringing New York City to the North Strand.

The photo that was used in Lilyhammer is only about ten years old, but with the Rolls-Royce owned by Jonathan’s grandfather in the foreground and the fact that the building has been maintained in its classic style, the makers of Lilyhammer must have thought it was a perfect fit to represent Brooklyn in the ’50s (even though the car is actually from 1973).

Jonathan – who watches Lilyhammer – tells us that the whole interior of the funeral home has been renovated, but now he’s worried, “do I need to do up the front of the place?”

The shot popped up in a montage of old New York characters on the Netflix original:

StaffordGif Netflix Netflix

The show didn’t get in touch with anyone from Stafford’s to alert them to the use of the photo – as they probably assumed it was a shot of a vintage funeral home that has long since closed. It all ended well though, as everyone seems delighted to be featured.

What next, the Spire popping up in the new series of House of Cards? We’re hoping.

h/t to @deirdreaine

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