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7 maps that will make you see the world in a new way

Skewed maps provide for some interesting insight.

WELL THAT DOESN’T look like the world we’re used to.

These distorted maps, created by WorldMapper.org, are re-sized based on the subject of interest each map is portraying.

Here are a few of our favourites:

1. Ireland, weighted by population

Dublin is fit to burst.

wordmapper Source: World Population Atlas

2. The world, by global fuel consumption

Luxembourg, the highest per-person consumers of fuel use almost 100 times that used by the lowest consumers, Bangladesh.

fuel Source: Wordmapper.org

3. The world, by aircraft departures

Two thirds of aircraft departures are of those registered in North America and Western Europe. Africa only accounts for 2.5% of all departures.

air Source: Worldmapper

4. Australia, weighted by population

Not a lot going on in that outback.

aus Source: Word Population Atlas

5. The world, by car ownership

New Zealand has 61 cars per 100 people, and as 23% of the population are under 14 years old, there’s almost a car per person old enough to drive.

cars Source: World Mapper

6. The world, by teenage mothers

A teenage mother is classed as a girl between 15-19 with at least one child.

A third of all teenage mothers live in India, with three times more in Southern Asia than in any other region.

Cultural differences and norms largely dictate this map.

teenagemothers Source: Worldmapper

7. The world, by the projected population for 2300

The United Nations estimates that the global population will be just under 9 billion, having peaked and declined past 2050.

If fertility levels remain unchanged at today’s levels, world population would rise to 244 billion persons in 2150 and 134 trillion in 2300, clearly indicating that current levels of high fertility cannot continue indefinitely.

Population Coalition, 2005.

2300 Source: Worldmapper

For lots more maps and interactive infographs, head over to Worldmapper.

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