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12 little reasons why Dubliners are seriously sound

What a bunch.

GOOD NEWS EVERYBODY. Conde Nast has voted Dublin the runner-up friendliest city in the world.

Oh, you shouldn’t have. Just incase you needed some reminding why…

1. Thanking the bus driver is not optional

Even if they almost knock you down, catch your bag in the door, drive like a maniac and then kick you off early, you’ll still say thanks with the appropriate amount of jolly.

Dublin Bus Strikes Over Source: RollingNews.ie

2. That unbeliveable patience with tourists

As the swarms approach you in Temple Bar, it would be easy just to put the head down and pretend that you don’t speak… languages. But we don’t, we’ll happily stop and help them find their way to the leprechaun museum, again.

This is too hard to find, apparently.

tourism Source: Touristofficedublin

3. We’re always up for a chat

Well, only when we’re in the pub. Never on public transport. NEVER.

Dublin 4/09 Source: hold it,I'm focusing

4. We say hi when we pass you

If it’s just the two of you crossing paths, a hello or subtle nod and smile is definitely on the cards. Standard for the country, but that extra mile when it’s a city.


5. Even the guards are friendly

No you can’t come in here now.
Ah go on so.

Billion $ Security Bubble For Obama Source: infomatique

6. We just wanna look out for each other

7. You can always rely on us to cheer you up

f4a12306f56f551851a450e23dc5ab27 Source: Pinterest

loven-375x500 Source: Christina Reihill

8. Bump into us? We say sorry to YOU

rH4HIeWC7tLJOzK2jZAAVA_m Source: Quizlet

9. Hey, we even don’t mind you roaring at us on the Viking Splash tour

Sometimes you might even get a smile.

VST.8213p Source: Vikingsplash

10. Google even says so


11. Silence is forbidden

Alone in a lift? Prepare to hear about the weather. And what’s it like around your parts?


12. But we will literally ignore you if we think you want to be left alone

Just ask Jay Z and Beyonce. No one gave them a second glance when they played in the Phoenix Park last year.

jay-z-blue-ivy8 Source: Thejournal

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